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Nobody understands payments in the medical industry better than us. Our exceptionally secure encrypted systems, highly competitive processing fees, and best-in-class service make us the top choice in payment processing and technology for healthcare providers.

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End-To-End Encryption

Securely store patient data while remaining HIPAA compliant. We are able to offer advanced security solutions through our many partnerships.

Seamless Integration

We integrate with your current EMR/PMS system allowing you to keep all of your patient data, including payment and health information, in one secure location.

Contactless Payment

Utilize a more streamlined payment system by enabling patients to securely store their card details (CC, HSA, FSA) and make payments online, via text, or over the phone.

Boost Efficiency

Streamline operations and cut costs with an all-inclusive platform. Manage patients, payments, billing, online scheduling, and real-time reporting from one centralized dashboard.

The Diamond Elite Difference

Competitive & Transparent Pricing

Our services have no hidden fees, rigid contracts, deceptive sign-up fees, or termination costs. And because we have partnerships with the major payment processors, we offer our clients the lowest prices.

Superior Client Services

We have exceptional knowledge of a wide array of POS systems, processors, payment security, and the 3rd party app market. So we can provide unbiased, tailored advice, ensuring we identify the most suitable options for your business.

Expert Implementation

Whether it’s electronic invoicing, optimizing your check out experience, or setting up recurring billing, our experts can implement and service every feature you’ll need to reduce your administrative work.

Local Training & Support

Our support team is nearby, meaning you don’t have to depend on an offshore or out-of-state team for service. You’ll receive accessible, complimentary support, 24/7.

Enhanced Security

We offer advanced security solutions including P2P encryption, interchange optimization, Level 3 implementation, and 3D Secure technology. These significantly reduce the risk of chargebacks and unauthorized transactions.

Newest Technology

We offer the latest terminals & pin pads to provide the ideal payment solution tailored to your business needs, ensuring it's efficient, cost-effective & leading-edge.

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