Table Side Ordering – Tabit platform

A Mobile Device Solution that will Increase Restaurant and Quick Service Profitability

The brand new Tabit mobile ordering platform will help you increase your restaurant’s overall profitability. All aspects of customer service, from table reservation ordering to tableside payments, can be connected with one cloud-based system.

Are you looking for ways to increase your revenue? Tabit users can increase customer spending by more than 10% and enjoy faster table turns during peak hours. Tabit users will also see significant savings, as there is a 20% reduction in servers per shift and a substantial decrease in server errors.

Tabit provides everything a restaurant owner needs to manage, control and run their business from a single mobile device. Restaurant owners have easy access to critical insights and real-time monitoring.

Key features

Improved Counter Service

Increase Customer Experience

Simplified Guest Management

Management Insights & Control

Cloud-based Analytics

Business Intelligence Center

Table Side Ordering & Payment

TabitPad is an all-in-one solution that can replace your existing Point-of-Sale systems. It leverages mobile connectivity to simplify restaurant operations, increase sales opportunities and enhance the customer experience.

The table side interaction with customers eliminates the need to have servers write orders or attempt to remember them, and they then need to enter them into the POS terminal.

The intuitive workflow of the app guides the server through order-taking, ensuring that all details are captured for each item, and providing excellent customer service.

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