Self-Ordering Kiosks

Simple, Fast, and Efficent Touch Screen Ordering From Diamond Elite

Diamond Elite’s Clover self-ordering kiosks are designed to fit food-service restaurants of all sizes. What if we told you there was a low-cost solution that will easily automate the ordering process, and enjoy the savings when you reduce unnecessary staff costs?


  • Self-service kiosks allow customers and employees to have pleasant and efficient experiences.
  • Diamond Elite’s self-ordering kiosks allow groups to place orders and pay at once, speeding up the end-of-service.
  • Do you need to speed up your dining experience? Self-service kiosk restaurant orders go directly to the kitchen, eliminating delays or miscommunications.
  • Employees are no longer required to place orders and can be freed up by self-ordering kiosks. This allows businesses to explore other options such as professional development or delivery services for their workers.
  • A self-service kiosk allows you to run your business with a smaller, more efficient staff.

Benefits of Self-Ordering Kiosks

Streamline Restaurant Operations

Integrates perfectly with your POS system and operating system while eliminating staff involvement during the ordering process

Process Orders Faster

Self-Ordering Kiosk makes it easy for customers to place orders and self-pay – improving the entire order experience

Reduce Order Errors

Eliminate costly errors and reduce wasted food all while improving your bottom line

Increase Size of Orders

Easily upsell your customers with prompt notifications and increase the average size of each order

Maximize your ROI

Benefit from a significant ROI in less than 6 months while improving business operations.

Easy & Secure Checkout Process

Customers can order quickly and easily self-pay using their debit or credit card of choice!

Paperless Invoicing

Paperless Invoicing is a way to eliminate the need for paper invoices. It streamlines your billing process online

Automated Reminders

Automated reminders can be created for billing purposes

Recurring Payments

Customers can easily set up recurring payments

Customer Information

Quickly manage customer information

Invoice Details

Ability to store invoice details for line items

Recurring Invoicing

Recurring invoicing reduces late fees and allows for faster online payments

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