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Customers are increasingly looking for ease and convenience when ordering and paying. Restaurants are also looking for ways to increase efficiency when placing orders. Provide your diners with the technology to recognize and pay online via mobile or in-person orders.

Diamond Elite provides a complete solution for point-of-sale restaurant systems. In addition to payment processing, our clients benefit from software such as Hosted Menu Pages. A mobile-friendly platform can be accessed via QR code, strategically placed around restaurants and bars, so customers can effortlessly utilize these resources without making any physical contact.

Looking for a complete solution that will provide the highest value to your business, including gift cards processing, loyalty programs, inventory tracking, payroll, and time tracking? If so, contact our team today to learn more.

Additional POS Features

Manage Happy Hour and Promotions

24/7 Customer Support

Access to Real-Time Reporting

ID Scan & Age Verification

Manage Inventory Levels

Employee Scheduling & Payroll

Manage happy hour and promotions

24/7 Customer Support

Access to Real-Time Reporting

ID Scan & Age Verification

Manage Inventory Levels

Employee Scheduling & Payroll

Introducing Diamond Elite Self-Ordering Kiosks. Designed to fit food-service restaurants of all sizes.

What if we told you there was a low-cost system that will easily automate the ordering process, and enjoy the savings when you reduce unnecessary staff costs?

We have a solution that will increase your business operations.

Online Menu & Ordering Integration

Provider faster service to your customers and reduce labor costs by allowing them to send orders from their mobile device or computer directly into the kitchen with our restaurant pos system.

Simplify the ordering process while allowing wait staff to answer any questions about menu offerings

Increase order size with upselling capabitlites

Reduce printing costs by eliminating physical menus

Employee Clock In/Out & Table Waiting

Labor is one of the highest costs for any restaurant. Diamond Elite’s solutions allow managers to make intelligent scheduling decisions while ensuring optimal coverage to serve as many customers as possible, leading to increased revenue.

Easily schedule staff to meet your restaurant's busiest days/times

Create employee schedules faster than ever while still avoiding overtime scheduling

Restaurant managers can leverage real-time reporting to make informed business decisions

Inventory Management

Diamond Elite’s inventory control software makes stock and inventory management easy. It is easy to keep track of all the goods in your restaurant to make intelligent ordering decisions.

Combat rising food costs by buying inventory based on your restaurant's forecast data

Any mobile device can view or modify inventory levels

Find hidden food costs by drilling into the transactions that led to actual costs

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