E-Commerce POS System

A Flexible POS System for Your Online Store

Ordering online is simple. So should payment processing. Diamond Elite assists online retailers in finding the right POS and e-commerce integrations to best serve their customers.

Online retailers are looking for ways to increase their presence in the e-commerce market. We have developed solutions. Online payments save you transaction fees with our secure online payment processing. We can integrate various POS systems with e-commerce to make an easy, secure and safe e-commerce platform.

Our e-commerce system, Diamond Elite, allows online shops to manage inventory, item sizes availability, and descriptions directly from their retail location or remote location. Our POS systems provide real-time inventory management tools, which update the e-commerce site whenever an item is purchased.

Additional POS Features

Customer Loyality Programs

24/7 Support by Phone or Email

Access to Reports through Online Portal

ID Scanning and Age Verification

Manage Inventory and Orders

Labor Scheduling and Payroll

Manage happy hour and promotions

24/7 support by phone or email

Access to reports through online portal

ID scanning and age verification

Manage inventory and orders

Labor scheduling and payroll

Seamless Payment Integration

Your POS system must be able to seamlessly integrate with your e-commerce platform to create a seamless connection. It is possible to pull detailed information in real-time between the two systems, and process orders and transactions across both online and offline channels.

Cross-channel discounts and promotions

Actual-time inventory updates

Updated analytics and reports on customer data

Enhance customer experience with omnichannel capabilities

Highly Competitive Processing Rates

If your online store accepts credit cards credit card processing fees are charged per transaction. Diamond Elite offers the best processing rates for all credit card payments to e-commerce merchants.

Customers are more likely to purchase impulsively with credit cards

Accepting credit cards can lead to more impulse purchases

Customers will find it easy to accept credit cards

Because credit card transactions can be cleared quickly, credit card payments can increase cash flow for your business

Easily Integrates with Shopify

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms used by small business owners who want to open an online shop. With Diamond Elite, online retailers can easily integrate with the Shopify platform to handle all your merchant solutions.

You can get personalized services with fast access to your customers order history, lifetime spending, and other demographic details

Get your customer's contact information and create specific marketing campaigns for upcoming discounts or new product announcements

To reward customers, easily add loyalty apps

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