Convenience Store POS System

Putting the “Convenience” back in Convenience Store POS Systems

Convenience stores are designed for ease of use. If your POS system slows down, you won’t get repeat customers coming into your store. Modern and efficient point-of-sale systems will ensure everything runs smoothly.

A convenience store provides a convenient solution to customers’ day-to-day requirements. Convenience stores bring people together and allow customers to feel at home in large cities. You need the most up-to-date technology to serve your customers the best.

Diamond Elite offers this technology. We help you provide the best customer service possible for your convenience store.

Additional POS Features

Customer Loyalty Programs

24/7 Customer Support

Access to Real-Time Reporting

ID Scan & Age Verification

Manage Inventory Levels

Employee Scheduling & Payroll

Customer Loyality Programs

24/7 Customer Support

Access to Real-Time Reporting

ID Scan & Age Verification

Manage Inventory Levels

Employee Scheduling & Payroll

Increase Sales and Decrease Costs

Never lose the information you need to make informed decisions. Our cloud technology POS solutions allow retailers to view convenience store sales, products, and employee information at the touch of a button from any device.

Identify impulse merchandise with high margins, using detailed sales reports

Forecast accurately using historical sales data

Recognize your top performing products and employees

Secure Inventory Management

Intelligent inventory management software allows you to manage thousands of products, from dry goods to cold beverages.

Stock alerts can be created to make sure you don't miss a sale opportunity

Instant visibility to stock in any location, online or physical

Edit and update thousands of everyday c-store products

For faster service and higher accuracy, create your barcodes

Seamless Integration with New and Existing Hardware

Our point of sale system integrates with new and existing hardware to help convenience store owners better understand their store’s spending habits.

Help monitor and reduce employee theft

Get your customer's contact information and create specific marketing campaigns for upcoming discounts or new product announcements

Remotely monitor sales performance with custom-built reporting

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Increase Revenue with your Convenience Store POS System

What makes you different? It’s a short question but very important for convenience store owners. It would help differentiate your business from other convenience stores, making your c-store stand out against fast food offerings.

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