Bar / Nightclub POS System

POS System Designed to Keep the Drinks Flowing

Diamond Elite is familiar with the demands of the bar and nightclub industry. You rely on customer satisfaction, and it’s crucial to find a solution that makes it easier for your staff to serve cold drinks less on a screen. Bartenders can manage multiple tabs with our innovative bar POS system. Service staff members can easily repeat rounds by simply touching one button to keep the drinks flowing. By equipping your business, bartenders will never lose a tip or a second.

We offer bar and nightclub managers a new unique experience, Hosted Menu Pages. Pull existing information from already-created menus and neatly organizes them for a stellar browsing experience. With images and other visual effects added, an entirely new dimension of digital menus is achieved, blowing away any typical one-page PDF of the physical in-restaurant menu.

Our mobile-friendly platform can be accessed via QR code, strategically placed around nightclubs and bars, so customers can effortlessly utilize these resources without making any physical contact.

Are you ready? Diamond Elite’s bar & nightclub POS system will streamline your bar staff’s work and increase customer service and productivity. Contact our team today to learn more.

Additional POS Features

Manage Happy Hour and Promotions

24/7 Customer Support

Access to Real-Time Reporting

ID Scan & Age Verification

Manage Inventory Levels

Employee Scheduling & Payroll

Manage happy hour and promotions

24/7 Customer Support

Access to Real-Time Reporting

ID Scan & Age Verification

Manage Inventory Levels

Employee Scheduling & Payroll

Catered Experience to Customers Increases Bar Sales

A POS system will make it easier to communicate between the different areas of your bar. You can improve customer service by reducing the time taken by your staff to enter orders and reducing errors in transactions.

Diamond Elite's POS software is simple to use and completely customizable

It is designed to handle large orders simultaneously

Your staff can place orders from anywhere with mobile/handheld POS

Liquor Inventory Management

Bar & club management is a complex business. Diamond Elite’s POS software allows you to keep track of all stock behind your bar. Automate and develop a deeper understanding of customer demands and which drinks drive your highest profits.

You can save money by tracking your distribution levels and anticipating future purchases

Make sure your bar is adequately stocked for peak times and on days when you are most busy to ensure that your customers receive the best service possible

Reduce the sitting stock on liquor that isn’t selling. Keep a running total of how many bottles have been on the shelves for how long

Customized Cocktail Menu, QR Code Integration

All bars and nightclubs have the same rules. Your clientele can sometimes make it possible to create new and exciting cocktail combinations. A POS system with intuitive functionality that can handle special orders will be necessary.

QR code integration is easy to use with your drink & cocktail menus, helping you reduce costs and save on printing

Your brand will be remembered online and mobile with consistent experiences

Quickly modify, add and subtract drinks choices based on inventory integration

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