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Take Advantage of the Lowest Credit Card Processing Rate possible for B2B Companies & Merchants

Anyone in the B2B finance world knows that there are many diversified areas and components regarding merchant services and credit cards that require extensive knowledge, foresight, and staying on “Top of your Game”, especially with pricing, fees, and processing rates.

Case in point, when it comes to how you process with all the different Gateways, Portals, Platforms, ERP Systems, CNP, Walk-ins, etc. issues can get a little confusing.

That’s where we, here at Diamond Elite, turn confusion into simplicity, questions into simple answers, and problems into solutions, by clarifying any concerning issues, big or small.

We make sure you’re processing in the most efficient and secure way possible and offer a FREE/NO OBLIGATION Statement Review to see if you’re really getting “THE Lowest Credit Card Processing Rate Possible” ( Level III ), which most B2B companies and merchants are not.

Pressure from the competition?  No problem, because “Pressure” creates Diamonds e.g. Diamond Elite!

Additional Features

Customer Loyalty Programs

24/7 Customer Support

Access to Real-Time Reporting

Customer Loyality Programs

24/7 Customer Support

Access to Real-Time Reporting

Distribution/Inventory Management

Our powerful system can manage all aspects of inventory control management. B2B companies can use our solutions to get the functionality they need to allocate the right products and forecasted quantities.

Real-time inventory data shows on-hand quantities, estimated cost, and total retail value.

Intelligent catalogs are rich communication tools that enable your business to make intelligent decisions.

All reports can be accessed from the same system to receive daily fulfillment lists, print packing lists, and end-to-end order management reports.

Competitive Processing Rates

Through level III solutions, B2B companies can get the best processing rates for all transactions with Diamond Elite. The team has access to real-time reporting to view critical sales, inventory levels, and distribution statistics.

Services for card identification (CVV2/CVC2/CID).

Capacity to support payments made in multiple currencies, including split currency payments

Level 3 corporate card interchange allows for us to provide your business with the lowest possible interchange clearances possible within the industry today

Hosted Platform/Website Support

You can access vital information anywhere. Diamond Elite’s systems are self-sustaining and can respond to your business’s needs online and offline.

System security controls and user permissions

Notifications from stores and SMS alerts in real-time

Cloud-hosted and offer premium customer support and service

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