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Empowering Our Clients

When partnering with Diamond Elite, we relieve the stress of running a business by providing everything your business needs to get paid.

No hidden fees

No long term contracts

Immediate new merchant set-up

Automated mitigations of chargebacks

Unsurpassed customer support

Personalized assessment of proper solution and security level for every client

No matter the size of your business, we will tailor the solutions that will work best for
you, and provide the hands-on support that will help you achieve maximum success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Diamond Elite have any binding contract with its services?

No. There isn’t any binding contract when partnering with Diamond Elite.

Does Diamond Elite have a support email address + helpline?

Does Diamond Elite provide a surcharging solution that is compliant with the card brand rules & regulations?

Answer is yes. We help our merchants apply & register to become validated as being compliant before beginning to surcharge their customers, etc.

Does Diamond Elite seamlessly integrate with existing POS hardware, systems, and/or infrastructure?

The short answer is yes! We will do our best to develop a solution that makes sense and works best for our merchants. Please contact us with your specific needs/desires for more information.

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Feel free to contact us and we'll get right back at you!